Business Travel Insurance

Business Travel Insurance.

As a business owner, you have a legal obligation to keep your employees safe when they travel for work. The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations (1999) stipulates that employers must make suitable and sufficient risk assessments for all work activities, which include domestic and foreign travel.

Business Insurance cover


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Risk management tips brought to you by the insurance professionals at Insurance Quote 365
Unfortunately, the risk assessment will not identify every hazard. The following tips can also help ensure the safety of your travelling
. Be vigilant and obey local laws.
. Don’t take risks you wouldn’t take at home.
. Don’t openly display valuables.
. Confirm that your mobile phone works at your destination.

Business Travel Insurance.

You must inform your employees about the types of risks they face before travelling for work. A pretravel

risk assessment can include:
. Pre-planning issues
. Health issues
. Environmental issues
. Safety and security issues
. Transport issues
. Job-related issues

Travelling on business can me an enjoyable experience but still has a risk attaches. At insurance quote 365 and with our business travel insurance policy  you can travel safe in the knowledge that you are protected if anything bad should occur, and that your business will not suffer as a result. We can include cover for equipment i.e. IPad, Laptops, and to much more.

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Description of all benefits and cover levels

Our business travel insurance policy offers you the normal range of travel insurance including some specific benefits for business travellers, such as for example cover for business equipment and documents. Our business travel insurance policy is available as an annual policy only, which covers you for all travel during the entire year.

The business-specific cover is described on the quote.

Business equipment

We will cover your business equipment in case of theft, damage or loss.

Business documents

If specific business documents (that are vital to carrying out your business) get stolen, lost or damaged, we will cover the replacement of these documents.

Replacement Employee

You are covered for additional travel and accommodation costs for a business colleague to replace you on a business trip.

Some of these benefits offered by our trip travel insurance policies could be subject to an excess: Cancellation, curtailment, medical expenses, baggage, loss of passport, missed departure, abandonment, valuables, cash and documents all have an excess applied. The value of the excess varies depending on the cover level purchased.

All quotes are subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the policy, all of which can be found in our policy wording. You can also view our Policy Summary document which includes a summary of the key features and significant exclusions and limitations of the policy, together with other useful information about your policy.

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Business Travel Insurance