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Don’t Fall for Ghost Broking.

Don’t Fall for Ghost Broking The incidence of scammers selling bogus car insurance to motorists desperate to cut car motor policy costs continues to rise. The crooks, known as ‘ghost brokers’, pose as legitimate insurance intermediaries offering policies...
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landlord looks at prison for illegal gas work.

Landlords Insurance News A landlord has been given a suspended prison sentence and ordered to carry out 150 hours of community work for endangering a family with young children after he authorised illegal gas work at a Luton...
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UK flood clean-up costs could hit £1b

Insurance expert warn about rising costs. As rain continues to fall, more flooding is inevitable, and insurers may consider putting up premiums to cover the rise in payouts. The Guardian, Monday 10 February 2014 19.13 GMT A property surrounded...
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Sponsored Events Insurance

Cover for Company Sponsored Events There are a host of risks presented by company-sponsored events. Whether you are planning a conference, consumer show, corporate holiday party or otherwise, it is important to review and understand the limits of...
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