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Sponsored Events Insurance

Cover for Company Sponsored Events There are a host of risks presented by company-sponsored events. Whether you are planning a conference, consumer show, corporate holiday party or otherwise, it is important to review and understand the limits of...
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HSE Bunting Ban at weddings?

Event Insurance? Health and safety bans bunting at weddings? There are no regulations banning people from hanging bunting at weddings and village fetes or flying flags for sporting events. HSE encourages people to have a bit of common...
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Exhibitor Insurance

Exhibitor Insurance Get award winning insurance from Insurance Quote 365 HERE Companies invest a Large amount of time and money and effort into making sure the impression they project at an industry exhibition is a good one. When...
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Manual Handling Safety in the Workplace

Over one-third of reported workplace injuries can be attributed to manual handling, making it one of the most common causes of work-related injuries. Manual handling can be defined as moving a load by lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling or...
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