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Did You Get Your Travel Jabs?

Did You Get Your Travel Jabs?

Itching to escape the soggy United Kingdom and travel abroad for some spring sunshine? You are not the only one. But do not overlook getting your required jabs in all the pre-travel commotion.
Neglecting to get the necessary jabs endangers both your health and your wallet. Travel insurers could invalidate your insurance policy if you contract a disease that could have been prevented by getting the required jab before travelling.

That means that instead of your insurer covering your medical expenses, you would have to pay out of pocket.
To avoid whopping hospital bills, check with your doctor eight weeks before travelling to make sure your UK jabs are up to date and to have enough time to schedule any travel-related jabs. Some vaccinations are free, such as polio, typhoid, cholera and the first dose of hepatitis A.

You may have to pay for others, but the cost of the jabs will be negligible compared to the diseases’ treatment costs. Find out which vaccinations are required for your destination through the NHS’ Fit for Travel service, found at

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