Monthly Archives: October 2013

A Warwickshire company fined after worker burned.

Get covered now! Get a quote. A Warwickshire business that manufactures automobile components has been finedfollowing a worker being burned by caustic soda whilst leaning over a conveyor. The operative needed skin grafts to his belly because a...
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Company has been fined for safety failings.

A heating, ventilation plus air conditioning firm has been fined for protection failings following an worker suffered severe injuries inside a fall while repairing an extraction device inside Newcastle. Neil Pearson, 27, from Teesside, suffered fractures to his...
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A little stress in our work lives can be a good thing?

It challenges us to grow professionally and perform at our best. However, when the stress starts to be overwhelming, it becomes unhealthy. Many workers feel that their jobs are the number one stressor in their lives. And work...
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